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  • Fitness Classes at Simply Fitness

    Lite Lunch - Fat Burning, Body Toning & Fitness ( Mon-Fri at 1.15pm )

    Our lite lunch group training session is designed for those working locally and interested in using some of their lunchtimes more productively - to get more fit and to sculpt their bodies. This a half-hour intense trainer lead workout session using fast pace high-repetition exercise to burn max fat, increase fitness and tone the body. Burn up to 500 calories in just half an hour and be back at your desk ...with plenty of time left for healthy sandwich before getting back down to the grind!

    Lite Lunch exercise sessions take place from 1.15pm-1.45pm every weekday. You can purchase 4 classes for €40 (that's just €10 per class!) or pay a drop-in rate of €15 per class.

    SimplyCircuits - Fat Burning, Body Toning & Fitness ( Mon-Fri at 7.30pm and Sat & Sun at 10am )

    Ever wanted to try personal training but found the cost a little prohibitive? SimplyCircuits is personal training for small groups (5-6 people) for those looking to burn fat, get fit and tone and sculpt the body. The key to fat burning exercise is to work the heart and lungs at an interval rate and to exercise in a way that lets you hold on to your fat burning and body shaping lean muscle tissue while you burn up calories from body fat only. That means working out at an intense pace moving from one resistance exercise to another with minimum breaks and exercising, at this pace, for no longer than 30 minutes (the good news!). We'll work different muscle groups each session to guarantee the level of attention needed to transform your body through toning and you'll learn how to expertly perform exercises that are completely transferable to the gym should you like to put in a few sessions of your own at Simplyfitness to reach your body shape goal faster and cheaper!

    SimplyCircuit group exercise sessions take place every evening at 7.30pm and at 10am on Saturdays & Sundays. You can purchase 4 classes for €40 (that's just €10 per class!) or pay a drop-in rate of €15 per class.

    All Classes are open to non-members of the gym and members get a 20% discount.

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