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    Simply FitnessIt's not rocket science....It's SimplyFitness!

    Most gyms rent the use of their equipment. We show you how to use it to get what you're really paying for - to feel and look better!

    Getting in the best shape of your life is as simple as energy-in (food & drink) and energy-out (the right kind of exercise) and yet so many people complicate it in their heads to the point they do nothing but make excuses!

    Just 30 minutes of the right kind of exercise a couple of times a week and behaving ourselves a little better when it comes to food and drink is all it takes to be in super shape, to improve energy levels, confidence and maybe even life longevity.

    Symplifitness Gym

    And since we're all out to do the same thing here at Simplyfitness regardless of our age, shape or level of fitness you won't feel as welcome working out anywhere else. It's no judgement/no-poser zone.

    And if you're not a gym person and just want to do the classes or take part in one of our acclaimed weight loss programs to lose excess fat fast then, we don't expect you to have to pay for gym membership on top. Although members get up to 20% discount, our classes and programs are open to anyone whether a member of the gym or not.

    The reason we can offer so much for so little is because we don't waste money on the costly frills that other gyms use just to entice you in but know you won't use. We keep it simple and our focus is on fitness and fat loss and not on leisure and lounging... it's sometimes too much of the latter that has us coming to the gym in the first place!

    For starters, we'd love to see you for a free trial of the gym facilities. If you've used a gym before than the free trial is a nice way to find out if we've got everything you feel you need for your workouts. If you've never used a gym before we'll get you started with a great cardio workout and can tell you what kind of exercise would suit you best to achieve whatever it is you are looking to achieve from weight loss to increased fitness (or all the above!).

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